Dating : What Women Want In aMan

h2>Dating : What Women Want In aMan

Today’s woman hasn’t changed, she still wants the same things.

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He tossed her out of the room, slapped her, kicked her, and kept beating her. As neighbors, we rushed to help, she was yelling and raining insults on him about how stupid and coward of a man he was. We always thought this fight should be the last to end the relationship, little did we know they got back sooner than we thought. This lady always came back to him, no matter how intense the fight was, now they’re even married. My elder sister looked at me and always said “that is how they express their love”. It looks as though the cliché that women love jerks or bad guys is false, nevertheless, it sounds more true than false. Women most times don’t like nice guys however, that doesn’t mean you behave like my neighbor.

What women want in men?

W. Anton in his international bestseller The Manual: What women want and how to give it to them. He listed three things women look out for in men; Confidence, charm, and responsibility.


It’s hard to see a successful person who’s not confident, and they are mostly seen with pretty ladies. Successful people are courageous, dominant, and are optimistic. You don’t need money to be confident, in fact, it’s better to build it up with or without money. Some are confident because of the money they have, as the ancient book of wisdom said “money answers all questions”. Having the ability to answer questions gives you confidence. With women being confident means, the ability to approach them and talk to them without hesitation. A confident man sees what he wants and goes after it, and that is attractive to women. You can build your confidence with women by approaching as many as you can and in so doing you get better. Bad boys go after a woman they see and want and this is attractive to women. Ambitious people who go after what they want in life will also attract women since they are seen as confident and bold. The reason why women want confident men is that biologically they don’t want to produce weaklings.


If you’ve seen girls glued to a novel reading it with all their hearts it should tell you something. Charming with women means you tell them what they want to hear, and also how attractive they look. Romantic novels are filled with charismatic characters of men, which sound soothing to women. The kind of woman you go after shows how charming you are, and that leads to more attraction from other women. A man who’s seen with another woman becomes attractive to other women. In the 4 topmost emotional needs of a woman, I made mention of some things that will make you charming; caring for them is key and also giving them affection. Women have a tendency to be disrespectful, especially in the initial stages they might throw some tests at you. Your ability to overcome them makes you charming to them. Being charming also shows in your ability to command respect from them. Just a polite way of putting them back in shape, don’t be a jerk.


When you’re the leader in anything, then you have to take responsibility. Taking responsibility for women comes in the form of making decisions, and that means setting dates. In ancient times women were attracted to men who were strong, good hunters, and had their own shelter. This tells the woman that, the man has the capacity to contain her together with their offsprings. You will have to make the first call, because most times women never initiate calls, initiate the first date if you want to get her, you shouldn’t give up easily because women don’t like men who give up easily. When out with her, never make her feel insecure, part of your duty is to ensure her safety and that means safely bringing her back home. Take responsibility not only for her but also for your life and future. As a child, I remember one day it was raining heavily and the wind ripped off a part of our roof. Dangerous as it was, my dad came out climbed on top and placed a rock on the roof of our single room to prevent water from getting into the room. It was risky, but as the man of the house, he had to take responsibility for our safety. If there’s a knock on the door at night, mum only wakes dad up to go and check who’s at the door. Women today still want a man who cares, provides, and can protect them.

Women today still want a man who cares, provides, and can protect them.

Bad boys are like wolves in sheepskin, they put up the qualities that women want in a man, and since it’s very difficult to advise a woman in love they fall for them. A woman can see all the bad signs initially in a guy and still want him, it’s after he’s gotten what he wants and dumps her that she starts to see how foolish she was to have dated him. She now sees all his bad attitudes, meanwhile, her friends and family might have tried to talk her out of the guy initially. Bad boys know the rules, and they play by them to get the girls they want. They give women what they want and that makes them successful with women.

Go out there be confident, charming, and take responsibility. This won’t guarantee immediate success, but then never give up when you fail, keep trying and with time you’ll pick up. Be the man you were created to be and be successful.

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