Dating : The Seagull Calls

h2>Dating : The Seagull Calls

A Poem of Longing

Pamela J. Nikodem, MS

I heard a seagull this morning, screaming across my street

I heard a Seagull this morning saying come and play with me.

I heard I seagull this morning it’s song, squawking loudly called to me

I heard a seagull this morning, reminding me of the sea.

Every bird’s song brings memories far and near

Of happy times, of sad times, of moments quit unclear.

The seagull squawked its calling drew my hearing

The longing of my heart demanded I return to the ocean’s bearing.

Until the day arrives rejoicing, I’ll listen to the calling of the white gulls

Listening, listening to the calling, squawking songs.

I heard a seagull this evening, the sound instilled unrest

Like the waves rushing into shore, I felt the pull upon my breast.

No matter what I say or do

The ocean’s wind and waves blow through

They call upon my yearning heart,

Much like the song of the seagull, ever ready, willing to start.

~Just a thought by Pamela

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