Dating : The Talented Artists

h2>Dating : The Talented Artists

The gallery owner were tremendously satisfied with the first artist. The five pieces of art were of outstanding fine quality. It’s was relevant, it had a nerve, it was beautiful and there was a market. “Your art will take the best places of display in my gallery”, he said to the artist. “You have done well”.

He looked at the work of the second artist, and he were happy to see that he had made two very fine pieces of art. “I can tell how much work you put into this, and I am very pleased with the outcome”, he said. “We will find a good spot to put your art on display”.

The third artist were standing in the background listing to this, feeling ashamed of his failing abilities. “Come closer and show me what you’ve got”, said the gallery owner. He reluctantly took a step closer and with his head bend down he said: “I am sorry, I was not able to get any work done. You are just right to send me away”.

But the gallery owner was a gentleman so instead of getting angry he said: “I know you so well and I know how much you are capable… so what happened? Why don’t you have art to show me?” The artist felt ashamed and it took a little while before he could reply…

“I know it’s not much of an excuse, but I had a hard time feeling inspired. I didn’t know where to begin and I felt out of place. The other artists were doing so well and seemed to be consumed in their work that I was afraid to ask for advice.”

When he heard this he became very angry with the first and second artist. “Why were you so occupied with your self that you had no time to help a friend? Don’t you know that love for your fellow artist is the most important of all things? I’ve been kind to you and have given you my workspace for you to use, and you were not wondering where the third artist were?”

And he went on telling them all: “You were the piece of art. You are the ones who were going to be on display”, and he pointed at the hidden cameras in the workshop. “I have been watching you for the whole time. This setup was a social experiment of love for your fellow artist. You did not even notice that one of you needed help. You were so absorbed with your own talents and what to do with it, that you forgot to look after each other.”

All three of them looked at each other not knowing what to say…

The gallery owner gave back all the pieces of art the first and second artist had produced. “Now take your talents and get out of here…” And they went out the door to seek places to put their talents.

And to the third artist he said: “Come follow me, I have great things to show you. Because you have not lied to me about your failing talent I will make you a great artist”.

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