Dating : Women Are Too Easily Heartbroken

Dating : Women Are Too Easily Heartbroken

I’m constantly amazed by how easily women get attached and heartbroken. I see this constantly with women who I’ve not only not had sex with, but haven’t even dated. If a woman shows the slightest bit of interest and I don’t reciprocate, she hates me forever. This makes it very tense at future social events or just going out.


I don’t think I’m leading them on either. Why do women get emotionally attached and heartbroken so easily?

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  1. As a woman, i actually agree with you, but I’ve seen this with gay guys too. Once a guy told me he didn’t want to lead me on and my first thought was I was glad he was honest, vs going insane and talking crap about him which my girl friends and gay friends did. Maybe it’s something I’ve learned with experience and maturity, I personally have a different mindset where I don’t think every guy owes me a relationship. Plenty of fish in the sea, there is no point of stressing. But idk there is something with women where the end goal is usually to get into a relationship

  2. Are you really good looking? I have only ever seen this happen to very handsome men. I’ve heard from handsome friends women tell them they fall in love with them constantly so it means nothing to them after a while.

  3. Probably cause ur very good looking. I’ve seen this happen to my very good looking guy friends who will do one night stands or have friends with benefits and the women are like begging him to commit

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