Dating : This breaks my heart.

h2>Dating : This breaks my heart.

Going Venus

This breaks my heart. I’m not entirely sure it’s true but no question that men’s anger is validated, respected and heard with women’s anger being treated in a polar opposite way.

I do NOT agree that anyone experiencing this type of anger in public should be mocked or shamed because this absolutely is counterproductive. Behind most anger is suffering, with extreme anger hiding extreme suffering. The internet amplifies that shame and turns that human being into a powder keg who’s even more likely to take it out on women.

Think about it. What woman who’s seen this man’s behaviour will ever give him a chance. He could have just had a really bad day. He needs love and connection just like anyone but his height is clearly a barrier to a successful search for a mate. He’ll hold onto his rage and it’ll come out in toxic ways sooner or later.

For now, he’s going to need a lot of support. Lots of therapy and lots of patience from those close to him. This is what I hate most about the internet. Nobody wins.

What do you think?

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