Dating : Thoughts on a Recurring Lesson on Life and Love

h2>Dating : Thoughts on a Recurring Lesson on Life and Love


What’s happening in my current experience is the only thing that’s meant to be happening right now. No matter what I think ‘should/could be’ otherwise, life is just gonna show me that it’s not in my control.‬

‪At first many of us have the expected knee-jerk reaction of refusing this insight, which is a recurring theme in my life. We may think, “If I don’t have a choice or control in what’s going on, what’s the point of me being alive?”‬

‪It’s normal to think that.‬

‪What’s not ‘normal’, and we’ll realize is a little of more clarity, is what’s experienced when one sits still with that thought for a bit.‬

‪When we sit still, our fidgety attention eventually becomes still. The waters of the mind, which are the of perception, calm.. the restlessness shaking up the waters, ceases.‬

‪The constant movement clouds the waters of perceptive mind. It shakes up the fragments of colored sediment that we painted as ‘our life’ over the peaceful and still canvas of the ground of being.‬

‪When the attention begins to calm, that stills the water and lets the sedimentation settle, clearing up that of perception.‬

‪Our ancestral wisdom infused in the waters is then revealed. The initially limited and agitated attention starts to broaden into a serene awareness that is overlooking what’s happening. We start to see through the waters of perception with our ancestors’ clarity and silent wisdom.‬

‪What we see begins to transcend the bimodal sensorial impressions, we called ‘personal lives’, that we overlaid on top of reality. We see that this is just how we function using our minds.‬

‪What we thought was ‘good/bad, past/future, people, things, and situations’ is not that anymore. We see that these are just labels, descriptions, and judgments that we have used to project or paint over what’s actually ‘just happening’ on the ground of being.‬

‪The ground of Being, is then realized to be what it is. It’s the only reality and has its own way, it is beyond sensory perception and is the only presence that is in this eternal moment we call now.‬

‪We start to see what we called personal life, as the narrative of the mind, as projections on top of what’s actually real and happening. Because what’s actually Real cannot be perceived by sensory perception. We begin to see the illusion of individual life, that overlies the ever-flowing process of the one unified reality.‬

It is then clear that our attempt of controlling the projections and stories will never change the one reality of what’s actually happening. The projections, through which mind functions, are realized to be illusory. Therefore, the attempt of controlling what’s really happening, by using an illusion, is realized to be the cause of our suffering.‬

The control, we thought we had, is then recognized as just part of the illusion individual life.‬.

‪A weird thing then happens. We begin to notice that not having full control over what’s happening and being a part of a much larger interconnected reality, actually brings comfort and allows more of an acceptance of what’s going on.‬

‪It feels like the burden that we felt, thinking that we had control and could’ve been living other potential scenarios instead of our current situation, has been lifted off of our shoulders.

This is when we first let go and smile with the initial sigh of relief.

‘Ah. Everything is okay.’

‪The projections that we use to function in this world overlying Reality, are recognized as the means that are used so that which is infinite and beyond perception can be experienced with our limited perceptions.‬

‪Reality, which is the Truth and Light of Being, has creatively manifested a shadowed reflection of what it is and individuated experiences using the fragmention of the mind so that it creates ‘a limited experience that perceives’ to experience ‘that which is unlimited and cannot be perceived’.‬

‪How can this be from anything other than the true source of Being that manifests conditions and perceptions just so that it, as being what is Real, can be infinitely pointed at, through personal experience.‬

‪Therefore, what is real and what is experienced through perception, are actually interrelated and One Reality. That Oneness of Being, manifests into duality and holds every relationship between individuals of pairs by a unifying force, called Love.

One then observes that the manifestation of the ground of being is also, and can only be, the manifestation of Love.‬ So Love is unconditionally manifesting all things and conditions just because that’s its nature of being.

Hence, all things manifest because of Love, from Love, and exist in pairs held together by Love. Therefore implying that Love is all there is. Love is the only thing that is Real.‬

‪Actual reality, that is of and from Love, is therefore seen to be beyond our perception, but through Love can also be experienced. ‬

‪Our lives and all conditions are then seen as manifestations of Love. Consequently, what we think we are as individuals isn’t just an illusion, we all are individually necessary to imply the only thing that is real, which is Love..

We are of and from Love, and we exist to show that Love is all there is.‬ Our true essence, and what’s manifesting through perception, is Love. ‬

‪And in Love, Love created all ‘that is’ just for the sake of it being what it is.


‪When we remember that that’s what has been said by prophetic beings and mythical stories for millennia, our experience of life changes. We see that we aren’t just individuals, that’s only a small aspect of our true self. Our essential nature is Love and, through Love, we have created this fabric of being. We begin to remember what we forgot and actually begin to live, seeing what is real and what is our individual experience as an expression of what we are, True Love.

No matter how it’s being painted over, we see that our True Nature is beyond this programming that we identified with as our individual reality. At the same time, we also accept it as it is because it’s the only thing that’s currently happening in our perception and is in actuality the present expression of the Divine Love that we are.

We then see that we might as well laugh and enjoy the irony of the contradicting stories we tell ourselves about our initial perceived control, then lack thereof, and then the realization that it is our essential nature that created it all through being and that’s just happening.

This is when that initial smile and sigh of relief transforms into a whimsical laugh that resembles that of a mystic’s who laughs at the pure joy of being alive and seeing his beloved in everything in existence.

With this, I’d like to end this and hope anyone reading this realizes the embodiment of love in themselves and everything around them, from the good to the bad, from the desert rose to full moon in the night sky.

I wish to bless you with love and the realization that that’s all there is. <3

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