Dating : Tiny Happiness

h2>Dating : Tiny Happiness

Mr.M (Muthu Raja)

A Joy of Giving — Finding Ourselves In Fast-Paced World

Photo by Tom Parsons on Unsplash

The steps of the spiral staircase in the terrace felt ascending to the doors of heaven, merging me deep into the thoughts.

The cool breeze blows right on my face, leaving its pleasure on me. The sound of the rain droplets smacking the roof, the cry of a raven who thinks I have occupied his territory, a flock of tiny sparrows who never let their guard down but still want to eat those cookies placed on the wall.

The earth’s light source, the sun, who loves his season, who prepares himself to honor the delivery commitments, who at his maximum potential spits the scorching heat, surprisingly took a day off.

The clouds who took the sun’s place wearing the dark cloak, doing a fine job respecting the task bestowed upon him.

The thunders rumbling in the sky seems to be in a hurry, fades away at the distance. The commute wouldn’t be a problem without traffic, honking horns, sprawling dust; they would love their ride.

I would never blame the lightning, which makes a long crack on an otherwise flawless cloud, like a defective product.

The thunders and lightning which would frighten enough to make my ears shut under the pillow, now look so aesthetic and not threatening at all.

Nature is around me, joy is everywhere but all the time I was dumb to understand, searching for them which is present in plain sight.

The moment I laid those cookies for the birds and witnessed them eating out, I found happiness in giving, even with no returns. I found myself in the tiny deed which I never did, which I never seemed important, and I felt all while writing this.

Based on a true story.

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