Dating : To Feel

h2>Dating : To Feel

Stefanos Sifandos

To FEEL beyond that moment, yet to be fully immersed in that moment

To SEE beyond the superficial, yet to appreciate deeply the aesthetic

To KNOW there is so much more, yet to be content with what one has

To CONNECT momentarily, yet to know it is eternal

To BE in the moment, yet to recognise its impermanence

To LOVE forever, and to feel the now

To ACCEPT life as it is, yet to believe there is more

To BELIEVE in truth, and to live beyond the lies

To SURPASS profound challenge and to stand tall through it all

To EXPERIENCE fear, yet to feel courageous

To RISK rejection in the pursuit of love

To KNOW profound loss, yet to realise there is gain

To LIVE in honesty and be surrounded by fallacy

To DELVE fully in to life and to still be hindered by shame

To EXPLORE willingly the unknown, yet still be anxious of the mystery

Life is full of conundrums, puzzles waiting to be solved, love waiting to be felt. We can experience deep pain, live through profound resolve and experience a peacefulness of mind that allows us to drift in to the still of the night.

Life can knock us down, bring us despair, destroy the fabric of what we know; yet life can allow us to relish in celebration. The celebration of love, joy, bliss, learning, growth and expansion.

We learn through diversifying our experiences. When we reject parts of life, we are rejecting life itself. When we embrace life for its wholeness and cease to reject. When we trust and embrace and when we commit to act without being compulsively attached to a perceived outcome we experience TRUE freedom and love.

You are ready… Let go and just be…

One is glad to be of service.

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