Dating : Vibrational Review: The Sedona Method, The ReleasingFest

h2>Dating : Vibrational Review: The Sedona Method, The ReleasingFest

Sophie Benshitta Maven

I haven’t written a vibrational review in quite a while…

But… I got an email asking me to promote the ReleasingFest by the Sedona Method… so I am looking at it.

I am looking for warning signs in addition to just measuring truth value, etc.

The first warning sign is the “story”.

All marketers are liars… says Seth Godin… but then he corrects: All marketers are story tellers. They tell the story that they want their customers want to connect to… but some marketers are liars. Deliberately, consciously, and that, in my eyes, makes them liars.

So, what they say about Lester Levenson is obviously so weird, only some persons believing in miracles, divine intervention, would believe. the lowest vibration 40%.Here is what they say:

In 1952, at age 42, a wealthy New York physicist and entrepreneur was sent home to die. His body was riddled with disease and he had less than two weeks to live.

Confounded by his condition, he decided to “figure out” how to cure himself.

What he discovered was so transformative that he rid himself of all his physical problems and entered a state of profound peace that never left him through the day he died… an amazing 42 years later.

OK, what is the truth value of this story? 3%

Why so low? firstly, because doctors, as it is almost always the case, didn’t know sh*t, spoke out of their asses… without any change in his lifestyle, muscle test says Lester would have lived another year. Very different from two weeks… ugh.

Second: he made all the changes over a year, not the two weeks…

Third: he did more than just his method… muscle test says: a lot more. Including moving from hectic New York City to Sedona, Arizona.

In my experience training people to do something similar to what Lester did, huge lifestyle change, and you need a year… or more. He had the carrot and the stick: a death sentence, and a desire for significance. The desire/ambition for significance was, by the way, a lot stronger than his fear of death.

OK, this much about the story.

Lester Levenson’s personal vibration, around the time he died, was not very high: it was 200. The highest he ever reached was 300.

About the current leader of the organization: Hale Dwoskin, personal vibration: 200. Integrity score: 10%, truth value of his information: 7%

How many people achieve lasting relief from the Sedona Method? 1%

A lot lower than my Heaven on Earth energy remedy: 60%

You may want to ask two questions: why is the Sedona Method’s result so low? and why is the Heaven on Earth is lower than 100%?

Those would be great questions for me to answer here.

Every method that requires you to do something, and be in a certain state, even if you did it with me where I can feel what you are doing inside, and correct you, takes discipline, self-awareness, a huge amount of willpower, and a certain level of consciousness.

We don’t know if we are doing it right, even while we sit in the middle of a crowd. We are mesmerized, and we change our state to match the environment, but ultimately nothing inside changed, especially not our worldview.

You take a newly “learned” technique into an environment that lacks the inspiration, excitement, togetherness, the hype of where you learned it… and suddenly it falls flat.

I have seen that in my years in Landmark Education. In Landmark parlance, they say: “Possibility’s shelf life is a few days at best”

I have watched clients and students. As soon as they get off the phone or the webinar, they are immersed in the environment that won’t allow for the possibility they glimpsed to survive.

Holding on to something high vibration in a low vibration environment requires capacities that you don’t yet have.

It takes tireless practice that doesn’t even seem to make sense… like the skills you learn in the 20-day Learning Challenge, or the 30-day challenges… and each of them is hard.

It takes days before you can say: I started and I am good to go.

For example I said: I will not eat between 4 pm and 6 am. I said it two days ago. I HAD TO eat both evenings so far… I don’t know how long it takes before i can figure out why I get so hungry or thirsty by 6 pm… and eliminate the cause…

Am I OK with how it is going? Yes. I am. I know that eventually I’ll get it right.

But the better question is: would YOU be OK with similar results for yourself? The likelihood that you would give up is very high… What is the difference? I know it takes a long time to change habits. You don’t. You think it takes a decision.

And you see, that is the reason why the Sedona Method doesn’t work so well… 1% gets the result they wanted. Because it is not an instant panacea…

My programs last years… ask you to do a whole lot of things… and that is why they get to be a lot more result producing.

In fact, the results in the Playground, so far, have been 30% and growing. I see popping… Persistence and consistency is what cannot be enforced by most programs. And even if you go to the Himalayas, unless you can be “mindful” in a hectic home environment, you just got a nice experience…

Worthless, if you ask me. Unless you are OK with just an experience.

The other day I had a webinar, and a guest shared about his son who is this magical creature through his experience and use of hallucinogens. I hate that stuff… I like to be in control of myself.

I asked people on the call how many were inspired by the guest’s share, and 30% of my regulars raised their hands.

The more you are into experiences, the less you are willing to do work… everywhere in your life.

Wanting experiences is very much like excitement/pleasure seeking… And when I later looked at who raised their hands, they were my underperforming participants. No accidents here.

Experience involves your surface, your outside…

Doing the work, raising your vibration, learning to manage your attention, your state of being needs your inner parts to work… not just the surface.

What are your inner parts? It is the Soul, and it is the Self… all other parts of you: will, attention, ego, body, emotions, mind, even consciousness and The Witness are outside…

OK, all in all, would I recommend that you participate with the Sedona Method, would I recommend that you do the ReleasingFest that starts on July 16… you can use this link to get free admittance?

Their pitch is: Through the free-to-you ReleasingFest you can rid yourself of every negative and destructive emotion you’ve had throughout your life. A lifetime of anxiety, unrest, self-criticism and bad habits can simply be “released” from your being, giving you great peace, joy and abundance.

Bah Humbug. If it were this easy, everyone would be doing it.

Here is a 6-hour recording of Lester Levenson. I only listened to a few minutes. That was interesting, maybe even good… Maybe.

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