POF : Fucker Can’t Read

POF : Fucker Can’t Read

Fucker Can’t Read

By. JE9Gamer

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  1. I have actually had my tag line on my profile say PLEASE READ MY PROFILE! I had a guy message me once looking for a hookup when my profile says im not looking for that. I responded with did you read my profile, and he goes nope. I was like well please read my profile and he says nah don’t need to. I said good luck to you then cuz im not looking for a hookup.


    What is worse is when you don’t reply at all then you get a nasty message from the person all because you didn’t reply

  2. I actually think it **is** better to reply, cos if you don’t say anything they’d just convince themselves that you don’t use your account any more, or you’d already got a bf, and *that’s* why you didn’t reply. And then go on thinking that they’re god’s gift!

    The pic is kinda small, but does he have huge tunnels?

  3. My line was usually, “I’d like you to ride my face till you cum” literally that. It worked at times. Other times didn’t. But when they said no, I never pursued it and usually kept the convo rolling because I use that as a shock value ice breaker. Eventually if we got to dates, connect and more. I harkened back to my first message.

    In essence, me being rude and disrespectful, I still treating women like a human at the end of the day instead of being rapey about it.

    I know thisll get downvoted but I wanted to just share my experience.

    No means no!!!

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