Dating : We kept each other in a cage and called it love.

h2>Dating : We kept each other in a cage and called it love.

Renée Duffhues

We kept each other in a cage and called it love.

Bars made from all our experiences, carefully decorated with our good days. It was easy to overlook that it was, in fact, a cage. The joy of us being together had left our lives and our desire for each other had long left our hearts. Every now and then I caught a glimpse of a different life, but I never realized that this different life implied the end of us.

Trying too hard and too long to make something work that was broken, I exhausted myself. Every time we would promise to change things, we made our cage stronger. But we never really made the effort for any change.

All these empty promises took the colors from our lives and slowly turned me into a ghost version of the person I once was. I still had to learn how to listen to my intuition.The whispers of my heart were there for months or even years, but fear kept me from listening. Deep down I had always known that this was not how I wanted to live my life. But afraid of making choices I tried to silence my intuition.

So there were more glimpses of different lives and another round of empty promises. More good memories to decorate the bars and patch up the hole I felt inside. Until I couldn’t do it anymore.

The ignored feelings in my gut had bottled up and the whispers of my heart started to roar. Turning to desperate measures I ripped the good memories from the walls. I set fire to our lives and broke our hearts.

But it was in this painful mess that we finally found the key, the key to free ourselves from each other.

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