Dating : Well, you’ve got stamina.

h2>Dating : Well, you’ve got stamina.

Well, you’ve got stamina. Doubt I would have lasted over 45 minutes. You could always write it off as research, you did get a fairly popular article out of it. I do have one huge problem with your article, embodied in the title. While I don’t date 50 something year old men I still have doubts that they are all like this. A more likely hypothesis to me is that the dating site/s you have been using are attracting these damaged men, that men likely divorced by their wives after the kids finally launched might have been dumped for very good reasons. I like your idea of a match maker, assuming it’s the right one who has a better selection process than the anonymity of an on line site.

Now this may be self promoting, but you might give us never married men a try as well. Sure, some of us might be as hopeless as “angry how women have done me wrong” guy and “excuse me so I can go do another line to fuel my next monologue” guy, but some of us were never fortunate enough to attract the right woman, that smart and accomplished true partner, and weren’t willing to settle for less. Who knows, at your age or even at my advanced age there’s really no hurry and it only takes one;)

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