POF : Bad guys on pof

POF : Bad guys on pof

Why is it assholes, narcissistic , and guys that just wanna hook up on pof ?

By. jny727

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  1. I think as a woman on POF (guessing your a woman anyway) you will have this experience… You are guaranteed on this website to be hounded by people wanting to match with you, as it never works the other way around… And unfortunately this means that you have to wade through mounds of shit before a half decent guy appears…

    It was the same with my gf, she had so many unsolicited pictures (no points for guessing what) and bad guys, and I was one of the only decent people there… And we have been going strong ever since… And i hope it works out for you in the end…

  2. because most of the guys that aren’t all over you like a piece of meat, are more than likely too shy to message people like myself. If i had the courage to talk to strangers, i more than likely would not be on an online site. I mean sometimes i’ll have the courage, sure, especially if the womans profile resonates with me a lot.

    however the way things works is, women get messaged by aholes, thus they assume their profile means nothing, and so they put 2 liners or « ask me » as they are discouraged by the assholes, which leads to people who want to make a genuine connection even less likely to want to initiate a message. Thus the vicious cycle continues.

    My advice to you is to message a guy you find interesting. As guys we aren’t being flooded with women wanting to just give us p*ssy pictures or wanting to just simply give us bj’s, and so we take a message to heart.

    Mean while i’m sure half my messages are probably swimming around with « wanna sit on my face tonight » in which case i’m sure the woman is not even in the mood to reply let alone read a message.

  3. Because those guys are everywhere and on POF and other dating apps they might get laid. This is the dating pool. IRL you’re constantly filtering through these types, too.

  4. Because all of the women are independent, self-supporting, career-oriented, stable, human beings on POF that have absolutely no baggage. Oh wait…..

  5. Don’t most women like bad guys? Them and the Alpha Males are the ones that always get dates and relationships. There are nice guys on pof, but it appears most women don’t want to even try and go on one date with a nice guy. I get a lot of « Read deleted » and « unread deleted » on messages that I send. And they are just nice messages asking women general questions about their profile.

  6. Right. Im a dude and really there are lots of women who would just throw themselves at you but it goes something like this and at a bar.

    Oh hey! Smokes? Yeah, i bummed this smoke off someone else sorry. A ride? I have a friend picking me up. My bad! Bulge in my pocket? Probably just my car keys or smokes. Fuck! Then you call out random male name and approach a random group of dudes. Oh! Thats a meth pipe. Ok! Guess whos getting a ride!

    And thats all you need boys! Smokes and transportation! Just say « Right on! » Or just giggle. If they look at you funny say « not sure » or shrug and say « idonno » just kinda under your breath and mumbly. Avoid meth pipes to lower your chances of herp-a-derps or puffyness. Ever heard of NATTY brand premium ale? May as well call it… Idk but you got this bros!

    So « puffyness » was an autocorrect and wow i love it! Hit me up ladys!

    Obviously im joking. Happy holidays everyone!

  7. Why is it always women who have a problem having sex with men. Even though we live in a free society with birth control and quality healthcare? « Oh noesss; someone made a reply indicating that they are interested in me sexually. Clearly they must be a bad person and must also have no interest in romance. » You realize men prefer women who have sex? Therefore choosing someone who is receptive immediately would indicate that they would have compatibility in a relationship. Wow. Genius. Who would like a woman that makes them work for months for 1 BJ and never has sex in their marriage? Nobody. It’s 2020 in 2 days. Get over it you fucking loser.

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