Dating : What Is The Purpose to Spirituality? A Closer Look

h2>Dating : What Is The Purpose to Spirituality? A Closer Look

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Do you find yourself ever asking those deeper questions to life?

Like what really happens when we die, or why am I even here having this experience called life? What is my purpose?

You may often be struggling with the day to day mundane existence, wondering if there is really anything more to life than just what modern society is showing to us.

Well as they say, those who seek shall find,

If you are open minded enough to ask some of these questions, you naturally will be guided to the answers that you’re looking for.

So let us then take a look at Spirituality, and not all the fads and trends coming from the mainstream perceptions on spirituality, but what Spirituality really stands for.

It’s in the name itself, can you guess it?

Spirituality is truly about us connecting back to Spirit!

What our spirit essentially is, the truest version of who we are. Beyond what we think we are and what we look like and even our personalities.

The Spirit is the one thing that all of us truly have in common

Many call this God or the soul, some call it the source or our higher self, but really these are just terms that we use to describe something that is integrated deeply within each and every living being here.

These terms are all trying to describe the same thing really, the ineffable energy of our consciousness which flows through all things.

Start to see everything in terms of energy

This starts to make much more sense that we in fact, each inherit this energy from “God” as spiritual beings, and we all have a piece of that creator Spirit inside each and every one of us.

So then what is the purpose of us knowing then?

If we can’t feel it or touch it or logically put our minds around it, what good does connecting back to our Spiritual selves really do for us?

It gives us back true meaning and life purpose!

The purpose of real spirituality is to help us get in tune with the fact that one day we will die and leave this earth, but in the here and now we can begin to connect back with the Spiritual potential within us all.

This gives our lives true purpose!

By taking the power back within us as Spiritual beings, we are beginning to realize that although we may never fully understand the mysteries of life,

we can start to connect with something much Greater than just our physical experience here.

Endowed with that knowledge a newfound sense of love and energy is allowed to flow from our hearts connected to Spirit.

Spirit is just a term we can use to identify with that source of love that connects us all together.

It’s something much more than words can describe, but something we can all feel from deep within and experience here and now within this life.

So if you are feeling without purpose in your life, begin to restore your faith in something Greater by finding that purpose you are seeking within your true Spiritual self.

It’s something that not only liberates our minds and the way we live, it also bestows newfound courage and creativity to share that purpose to others.

That purpose helps us all get connected back to the whole, and begin to become a part of something greater than just our individual self.

Our Gratitude for tuning in with us!


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