Dating : Should I go back in the future?

Dating : Should I go back in the future?

Me (17M) and a girl (17F) have been speaking for about 4 months or so and made it clear we both have strong feelings for each other. However, she thinks it’s the wrong time for both of us to get into a serious relationship and thinks it’s best we stop talking until she can “sort her life out”. She doesn’t even want me as a friend for now as she believes she won’t be able to get over me as she claims to still really like me, but wants to be friends in the future. I plan on making it clear to her in the future that I don’t want to be her friend for fear of getting too close to her in that way and spoiling my chances of being with her again. Should I go back and try for something romantic with her again in future, or just leave it?

TL;DR – girl I want something romantic with doesn’t think it’s the right time, should I go back in the future?

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  1. My friend was in the same situation and I’m going to say this:
    You’re wasting your time.
    You can’t wait on people like that. Live your life and things can work out depending on TIMING. Think logically:
    It’s clear that you want something that she obviously doesn’t. You’re wasting your time. Take the “break”, let yourself feel your emotions, live life, and meet new people. Don’t let one person stop you from enjoying your life

  2. what she really means =


    take a few steps back… don’t contact her. leave her alone….

    when she misses you, she will come back to you….

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