Dating : Women went their own way long before men did.

h2>Dating : Women went their own way long before men did.

This whole liberation spiel we are so keen on — meant that all of us could freely choose which way to go. Yet somehow, personal, harmless male choices have started to cause rage among us women.

Rotten Wildflower
Men can make their own harmless decisions without us women policing them every step along the way.

I mean really, what do we care if Joe from Syracuse doesn’t want to get married?

What do we care that Fred from New Jersey isn’t fond of committing?

We’re strong and independent women that don’t need men, relationships, marriage or kids. So why do we get so extremely triggered when people make choices that concern them and them alone?

Can we stop being control freaks and enjoy life for once, whatever way that looks like? How often do we hear us women say:

“He didn’t want kids from the start but I made him agree on 1.”

“He said he didn’t believe in monogamy so I did everything I could to fix him.”

“He said he didn’t want a relationship but I forced him into one.

We always demand that men respect our “no” and are merciless when it comes to punishing men for violating our boundaries.

Why can’t we just accept that a man doesn’t want a relationship with us?

Why do we actively try to convert the reluctant and overlook the ones ready to give us everything we have ever wanted? Women, we need to do better.

Peaceful cooperation between the sexes is absolutely possible.

It’s just that sometimes we need to learn to back the french toast off and recognize that perhaps we’re so reluctant to give up on men because somewhere deep down inside of us, there is a small part that acknowledges that we need them — after all. I mean what are we doing here, really?

And if that’s the case — then what does it say about us?

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