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h2>Dating : Write For Us

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Check out the submission guidelines for Quilled Stories — Love, Help and laughter.

What we’re looking for is a great piece of writing. We want your content to tell a story, instil an idea, trigger an emotion, or provide a value and that is all we look for while editing your content.

Before you send us your work, please read the guidelines below.

1)How to Submit: If you are already a writer with Quilled Stories:
Once you have a draft, click on the three little dots on the top right corner of your draft page, select Quilled Stories, and send it.

We highly recommend you to submit Medium Member only pieces. This not only ensures that you get paid, but also helps you reach more readers through Medium Topics.

‘Add me as a writer,’
followed by the type of content that you specialise in writing.

We will add you to our publication, after having a look at your Medium profile.

2)Edit your draft thoroughly: It is obvious that we only accept well edited drafts. If your draft has grammatical errors, typos or a general lack of structure, we will send it back.

3)Keep it simple and clean: Avoid using excessive images, gifs or stylised texts as this often distracts the readers from the main content — the writing itself. Use a colourful feature image either above or below the title(and credit the source). Focus on the paragraphing and highlighting of the important areas. But don’t overdo it.

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