Dating : My 5 Short Poems that made it to The Bollywood

h2>Dating : My 5 Short Poems that made it to The Bollywood

It’s been three years since I shared my first poem on Instagram. I used to have a different account back then, which was shadowbanned, and having very little knowledge about the fucked-up algorithm of Instagram, I had to delete that account.

Then I opened a new one in 2018 but only started posting on it last year. Since then I’ve gained more than 6.5K followers (I know that’s not too much) and some notable celebrities like Vidya Balan and Ileana D’ Cruz have shared and left comments on my posts. So yeah, that’s something I like to boast about lol.

Even though I’ve started hating Instagram due to Mark Zuckerberg and how they keep changing their algorithm, there’s one thing we all have to accept: The whole world is on Instagram. So there’s no point denying that you have to be there too.

No matter what your business is about, Instagram will help you in reaching people and sharing the core values of your business with them. And boy! does that drive sales.

I’ve particularly written this story for writers, but it doesn’t matter what you post about, I’m pretty sure that your account will definitely gain something from it. Let me start by sharing my five poems and declutter them for you.

What do you think?

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