Dating : You ❤ Day #14 [-63]

h2>Dating : You ❤ Day #14 [-63]

Siu Nhơn
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Right here right now, I can’t help but think of you…

I want to touch you so much on the last day you stay in Hanoi, but the Asian dignity for me as a woman hold my hands back. And one important reason why I have still bottled up my emotions is that I really appreciate our relationship and want it to grow slowly. All my previous relationships didn’t last long mainly because I don’t know how to be patient, to observe my emotions, to be a woman in love, rather than a woman craving for love. Sadly, I didn’t have a clear goal for them. I didn’t see the image of my children’s father in them. But with our relationship, I know that it’s worth waiting. Right from the start, you show me the confidence and respect, even more than I think I was deserved. You remember all the smallest detail I told you on my daily life. You ask me if I was content with our dinner. There are thousands of memories about you I want to keep with me forever. A tarot reader told me, this relationship will end soon, because of my disloyalty. I don’t want to believe in it, and I will put all my heart and soul to make it last as long as possible. If the Lucky Lady smiles at us, we will have a wonderful story to tell our children.

I promise you, I will keep “High hopes” on us 🙂

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