Dating : How to open up more.

Dating : How to open up more.

Title doesn’t really explain it. But I’ve been off of social media for almost 2 years now. In turn I have no communication with anyone other than my brother and his wife which has made me very antisocial and lonely. I spend every day in my room unless I’m taking care of my son.

I’ve been considering opening up a tinder account to try and find people to see/talk to but I don’t feel as that would lead to favorable dates or interactions. But in this current point of my life I’m not necessarily looking for sexual encounters. Are than any form of social dating or meeting sites that are more relevant to just meeting for friends and casual get-outs. Not saying I’m NOT interested in romantic forms, just I’m more deprived of connections and communication.

Basically my question is this, how can I go about meeting new people to socialize with. I don’t really want to go back to FB and I’ve never had an Insta/Twitter/etc. I’d like to get back into the dating scene but that can’t be accomplished without breaking past my own norms and barriers by making friends and going out more. I’m sorry if this is confusing, thank you for any form of advice.

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  1. Break past your comfort zone and start going to clubs and bars the old fashioned way. Even if you don’t drink (like me) it’s the best place to socialize and build connections. Force yourself to do it and sooner or later your comfort zone will get bigger!

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