Dating : You Should Never Feel Lonely In Your Relationship

h2>Dating : You Should Never Feel Lonely In Your Relationship

If you do, it may be time to leave.

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One of the many perks that come with being in a relationship is having a partner in life. This is often seen as a good cure for loneliness, but this should never be the main reason to get into a relationship or stay in one.

However, the last place you should feel alone is with your partner.

You decided to be with this person because they hopefully add joy to your life. Out of all of the people you could have chosen to share your life with, you picked this person. You should feel special, loved and appreciated.

When you stop feeling special is when those pangs of loneliness start to arise even when you’re together.

I have been in relationships where I’ve felt alone when with my partner. We could be in the same room, sitting next to each other and I knew there was nothing left between us. He’d be distracted by the television or his phone and I knew he’d stopped seeing me.

He stopped asking me about my day. He zoned out when I’d share news. He would make time to spend with me, but stopped being fully present when we were together. We started having small talk instead of real conversations.

I’d become invisible. I felt disconnected. There was nothing really holding us together other than the fact that we’d been together for so long.

History, no matter how long, should never be the only strings left keeping you tied to somebody.

You should feel like you matter to your partner. You both should make time for each other and treasure that time. When one of you takes the other for granted, that’s the first sign of someone feeling unseen or no longer appreciated.

Relationships work best when both people are committed to the idea that their lives are better with each other. This means that you both are willing to put in the work to show how much you mean to each other. Otherwise, being single is always the better option.

You don’t deserve to commit yourself to someone who has stopped seeing your value. You don’t belong with someone who could take or leave your presence.

Your time and heart are entirely too valuable to be given away to someone who squanders both and treasures neither.

You deserve to feel cherished. You deserve to feel utter joy with the person you’ve chosen. Life is too short to feel forgotten in the presence of the one person who’s supposed to make you believe you’ll always be remembered.

We are meant to love and to be loved.

If you’re not feeling loved, you’re better off being alone. Being single is always better than feeling single when you’re not. Not everyone can love you the right way.

You will always know once it stops feeling right. You will know when you’re no longer fulfilled after spending time together but instead you feel empty. It’s a horrible feeling, but one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Trust your instincts. Although I never wish that loneliness upon anyone, if you’ve felt it, don’t ignore it. Realize that maybe your relationship has run its course.

Not every love is meant to last forever, but every love should make you feel like you matter.

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