Dating : « I’ll check my schedule » I’m conflicted. Should I let it go?

Dating : « I’ll check my schedule » I’m conflicted. Should I let it go?

There’s this girl that I’ve been chatting and texting for about 2 or 3 weeks now, she’s a schoolmate from highschool (Around 10 years ago) and we haven’t really talked back then.


So recently we got in touch and started chatting and texting, she always initiates the conversation saying things like « good morning! » or ask « Have you taken your lunch yet? » small things like that, I usually leave her hanging for a day and not reply just to see if she’ll initiate some form of conversation again through chat or text, and voila she does.


Lately, I’m sensing that she’s basically asking me to ask her out, things like « Hey, why didn’t you invite me to lunch or dinner? » when I post some food I had in FB or « Where’s your gym at? I would like to join you! » or « That’s delicious, why didn’t you give me some? » things like that.


So just last night, I post an Ice Cream that I had JUST TO SEE IF SHE’LL REACT.

And what do you know, she did. We talked about our favorite ice cream and burger joints and I teased her that we should go out and check those places out, she basically said this « I would like that lol! » and I replied « Let’s go out this Saturday » and she replied « Let me check my schedule, see if I have anything on that day and I’ll get back to you 🙂 🙂 »


I genuinely don’t know if I came in too strong and killed the mood.

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What do you think?

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  1. She’s definitely eager to see you, she’s only saying that to give the illusion of “hard to get” when in reality she has nothing going on that day. She’s 100% down to go out with you I guarantee it.

  2. Based on what you described, she seems interested and legitimately needs to see if she’s free. But you made a mistake in not proposing a specific activity. You should text her back soon and say « if you’re free, let’s go <whatever> ».

    Do something really interesting and fun.

  3. In hindsight, instead of listing a day, ask her what days is she free. and then go from there…

    then ask if a certain time works…. and then the activity or place should be mentioned

  4. I honestly use my calendar religiously. And would not be surprised if she does too. So when I tell people I have to check my schedule, it’s because I have short term memory and cannot remember what I did yesterday to save my life.

    If she gets back to you you’re good to go. If she says she’s busy. She should offer another time she’s free. Otherwise she’s not interested.

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