Dating : Your Love Is My Loss

h2>Dating : Your Love Is My Loss

Love does have a way of blinding you.

Tony Young, Jr.
Photo by Rhand McCoy on Unsplash

My family and friends don’t care for you
They warned me something isn’t right
Somehow, I feel the urge to go through
It’s hard to resist your love every night

You visit every night at the same time
No conversations, we just start to eat
Passion fruit and berries in their prime
Tasty, luscious, mouthwatering and sweet

After the passion is gone, you go home
Leaving my love tank only a quarter full
Reminding me to buy tickets for Rome
You don’t sleep over, but want to travel

Nightly pleasure can only last for so long
Who said I don’t want fun in the morning
You coming at your convenience is wrong
What you are doing is called love hustling

Your love brought me some new flavor
In return, I’m gifting you with a surprise
Your question about Rome has an answer
I gift you a brochure, buy and be wise

Sometimes, love can blind our vision
Family and friends are our eyes too
The physical can overpower the mental
Keep that mental strength to pull through

© Tony Young, Jr. 9/20

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