How to kiss a boy for the first time

How to kiss a boy for the first time

Kissing a boy or man on the lips can be scary, especially if it’s the first time. But don’t worry, you’ll quickly find it easy and have fun!

To make it easier, it is important to choose the right time for this kiss and to follow this guide for a good kiss.

Be alone

The first thing to do before kissing is to find the right place so that the two of you are in the right atmosphere. The right place is probably NOT with your friends around you, but rather a place where you can be alone, isolated. It is in this quiet place that you can relax and take things at your own pace.

If you are surrounded by lots of people, here are two tips to isolate yourself.

1. Take her hand and look straight into her eyes.
2. Pull him gently and let him know that you want him to follow you.

Dress so that you find yourself beautiful

When we feel beautiful, we feel much more at ease and we have more confidence in ourselves. It is therefore important to make an effort and that you dress with, for example, a dress in which you find yourself pretty. Not only will you be more comfortable, but the boy of your dreams will want to kiss you even more.

Smells good

Suffice to say that it does not make you want to kiss when you smell bad from the mouth or when you sweat after an hour of sport.
So be careful to brush your teeth well and take a chewing gum just before you kiss the boy. There is nothing that breaks the moment more than bad breath.
Also take a shower and use deodorant. If he decides to hug you, you don’t want to smell bad.

Talk about him

To make the moment less impressive, it’s important to talk. Tell him that you love him and that you feel good with him. Tell him he’s a great boy and that you love spending time with him. Sharing your feelings should break the ice. Also look it in the eyes for an even better effect.

Start by taking him in your arms

Rather than going straight for a kiss, you can start by hugging him. If he hugs you too, then he likes you too. So you can relax, everything will be fine.

Look him in the eye

Look straight in the eye and show him you like him. Give a pretty smile, bite your lower lip. With all his signs, he should understand that you want to kiss him.

Kiss him tenderly

Kiss him tenderly starting by kissing his upper lip with both of your lips. Continue for a few seconds until you feel this fire of pleasure boiling in your stomach and cheeks. Close your eyes to focus on that deep feeling and feel that tingling in your tummy.

After a few seconds, take a step back, and start kissing her upper lip again.

Ended with a hug

When the kiss is over, hug him and put your cheek on his chest. Breathe gently and calmly. There you go, everything went well. You just kissed a boy for the first time. You can start over whenever you want!

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