POF : 180+ likes in 24h but

POF : 180+ likes in 24h but

…every nice and respectful message I send goes ignored. That makes sense lol

By. looking2luvfem

What do you think?


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  1. Ah. My profile gets that amount of likes so…can’t be too hard to look at lol but every message goes ignored. I’m a guy…were use to it. Pof was amazing about 2 years back. Everyone chatted etc

  2. When people are bored on here, they can go to Meet Me & like or pass on 100s of photos without looking at the actual profiles, all so pof can tell you and make you want their paid membership to see them in detail. But honestly, they aren’t really looking at you as a person, just telling pof who they find attractive. It’s engagement and meet me likes are not equal.

  3. Yeah it is a weird place that POF mob . I met a couple of women on there .. but i usually walk away thinking why do i bother.
    I guess you can see it as a sport …fun for some…

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