POF : Search engine is fucked

POF : Search engine is fucked

For the past year, I made two different accounts on POF, and on both that I had/have now, the site won’t let me find women older than 33 and I’m 25 years old. I even switched my phone since and it’s still pulling the same shit. I even reported it to POF and they did nothing about it. Why won’t this app let me find older women? 🙁

By. NoInnocence95

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  1. It’s probably because we women can set our “looking for” age as well. So if someone isn’t including 25 year olds in their range, I don’t believe they will appear in your search results.

    I don’t know about other women, but I’m 41 and am not interested in dating anyone younger than 35 or so. Even that is a stretch.

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