POF : 3 strikes and you’re out.

POF : 3 strikes and you’re out.

got a reply from a woman claiming to be 51. we exchange phone numbers. then pictures over phone. picture looks like a younger version of person i saw on PoF. then i googled the area code of the phone number they used, it was houston tx. i am searching pittsburgh pa.


so, i ask, « you sure look good for 51′ »

reply. « oh, i made a mistake on my profile, it should have said 38. » (what!!??)(strike one!)

then i ask, have you ever been to houston tx.?

reply. « no. why? » (just wondering, strike two)

then comes the curve ball. i ask, « so you want to meet at the strip district? » ([](

reply. « the what? » (well, your profile says you are in pittsburgh, and you do not know the strip district?? are you even in pa? STRIKE THREE!) YOU……….ARE…………OUTTA HERE!!!! LOL

turns out, she was in ca. helping a sick mother.

what the fuck kind of person gets on PoF, talking about meeting a guy on the other side of the country, when you have an ill parent? if family means that little to you, then you are not the woman for me!


By. Max_Immelmann

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  1. there was no sick parent. they were setting up the sob story where the fake parent was about to die if you dont send money via western union to pay for the life-saving surgery.

    if you send money, there were fake complications for the fake surgery for the fake mother. please send more western union to help, afterwards ill come visit to « show my appreciation » for saving mothers life. heres a bikini pic to get you excited for my visit.

    moms ok. cant wait to see you. heres a booba pic. send another western union so i can buy a ticket. no you cant buy the ticket for me, because covid or some shit. just send western union, dont you want to see me?

    plane had to emergency land. please send another western union for hotel.

    a month later, and if your dumbass is still eating the bait, you still havnt met yet, they are in the hospital for the same thing ma had, please mortgage your house, empty your retirement account and send it via xbox gift cards because western union will no longer take your money because they know your getting scammed.

  2. Your suprised she/he was fake. Just looking at a profile tells you if their here for the real deal.

    If your on pof you have low standards. Get on a real site where people want a relationship.

  3. I have encountered many many many scammers like this lately. They sometimes can’t even keep it straight which city they are supposed to be in. There wouldn’t be so many of them if there weren’t a profit to be made somehow, but I’m not sure where or how they intend to monetize their actions. It’s like all the phone calls and mailings trying to sell you an extended car warranty. An extended car warranty costs a lot of money, and most of that is profit, therefore lots of people trying to sell you one.


    But what exactly are all of these scammers on dating sites trying to sell? Where do they hope to make a profit? I can usually figure out if someone is real quickly enough that I never get to the « pitch ». I mean, seriously, how many beautiful young women actually want to meet a 70 year old man? But I’ll admit the scammers are getting smarter, many of them are now using pictures and descriptions of older, more mature women. Still attractive, but more age appropriate.


    Even so, they make enough mistakes you can pretty quickly tell they are not only not local, but not even native English speakers. But the question remains: What are they selling?

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POF : Exactly what are all of the scammers trying to sell? Where is the profit?