POF : Exactly what are all of the scammers trying to sell? Where is the profit?

POF : Exactly what are all of the scammers trying to sell? Where is the profit?

I keep encountering scammers here on POF, OkCupid, AshleyMadison, pretty much all of the dating sites. Very obviously not who they claim to be, in many cases (most?) not even native English speakers. Many of them are easy to pick out and avoid. I mean, seriously, how many beautiful young women actually want to meet a 70 year old man? But I’ll admit the scammers are getting smarter, many of them are now using pictures and descriptions of older, more mature women. Still attractive, but more age appropriate.

I have encountered many many many scammers like this lately. They sometimes can’t even keep it straight which city they are supposed to be in. There wouldn’t be so many of them if there weren’t a profit to be made somehow, but I’m not sure where or how they intend to monetize their actions. It’s like all the phone calls and mailings trying to sell you an extended car warranty. An extended car warranty costs a lot of money, and most of that is profit, therefore lots of people trying to sell you one.

But what exactly are all of these scammers on dating sites trying to sell? Where do they hope to make a profit? I can usually figure out if someone is real quickly enough that I never get to the « pitch ».

By. ohenryx

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  1. $$$

    Last March in COVID, I got one from Instagram. « she » was clearly using someone else pics. I played a long for over a month. She was supposedly out of the country, faking as a high end nurse, teaching and training in a foreign land, can’t get home. Wanted to send me her « paycheck », $130K, then I was to dole it out monthly to her « sitter » at home. Yeah, right. Nice try

  2. some of them will say they got catfished and ask if you can videochat with them, even for just a minute. they send a link to a site that looks like its part of POF, but it isnt. this site pretends to be an extra feature that does pof video chat, but you have to pay for it. the site then tries to scam you out of your credit card details and pof login information.

    others will try to send you a link to something like only fans which sells nude photos. or they just send a link to pills that claim to make your dick bigger. some of these links may ask for credit card details, or they try to give you computer viruses, that try to steal credit card info.

    if they are investing a lot time, keeping up the charade, then eventually they’ll say they had some financial emergency, and need your help. they say they need surgury, or an expensive car repair, their house burned down, please wire me thousands of dollars via western union, or something like that. they might also say they want to come visit you, but can you please wire money for airfare and hotel, etc. theyll keep going and say the plane had to emergency land in the wrong city, and there isnt other flight for another week, etc, please send more money. they will completely drain the savings of the elderly, and even talk them into selling their house and sending that money too, if they can get away with it.

  3. I feel like at some point, you’ll be asked to transfer money via cash app. People are falling for it, too, otherwise scammers wouldn’t be so motivated.

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