POF : 30M Profile critique

POF : 30M Profile critique

Here is my [profile.](

I’m not a particularly attractive guy so I’m not going to win over anybody with hansom pictures of myself. Can you guys give me any tips on how to improve my profile?

I recently updated it as I haven’t used the site in years but I want to give it another shot.

By. awesomeguyman

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  1. It’s not a bad profile, seems well written and good summary of yourself.

    There aren’t a right lot of women into gaming, or animation; and that will probably put a lot of people off.

    It depends if you’re goal is to hope there’s someone very similar to you out there, and don’t mind taking the risk there may well not be; or whether you’d prefer to go for a more generic approach and potentially wouldn’t mind sacrificing a good chunk of animation & gaming time when you meet someone and doing more things your gf enjoys. (Even the low maintenance ones need a lot of attention!)

    If you’d prefer to go for a more generic approach then I notice you have pics of you in holiday in Ohio. If you like travelling and visiting places, then emphasise that more, and put less emphasis on the gaming and animation. I’m not saying remove them altogether because it’s good to be honest, and show you have some interests, but I’d condense them both into a single sentence at the end.

    Again though, if you prefer to leave it as is because you’d rather find someone that shares your enthusiasm for these things or no one at all, then stick with it as is. I’m a guy so don’t understand women that well, but from observation I’ve noticed that travelling, films, and being able to cook are very popular; gaming, animation, and « big kids » usually aren’t. Everyone’s different so I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, just saying that by emphasising those you’re probably narrowing your options down.

  2. Few quick pointers from a quick scroll through.

    -stop wearing that absurd chain
    -never answer « somewhat » in regards to a question about your ambition
    -take some better pictures
    -be honest with me, you really enjoyed Godzilla? And why are all of your favorite movies from the last 6 months.
    -props on « it follows » though, great flick

  3. Get rid of pic 2 & 3. And retake pics 1 & 4 so you have a mild smile. Have a full body shot without a friend in the pic. Fix spelling: complement

  4. You would honestly be a handsome man if you lost weight. You have nice hair and an attractive face, you wouldn’t believe the women you would catch if you got in shape.

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