POF : Adults don’t block someone for asking them if they want to go watch a movie!

POF : Adults don’t block someone for asking them if they want to go watch a movie!

You are 24 years old Chrissie!, Start acting like it!, You suggested that horror film, I asked if you want to go and watch it with me next weekend, and you blocked me!

Are these « adults » for real?

No I wasn’t « creepy », no I didn’t make sexual comments, we talked about mutual interests and experiences, it was going well, then blocked for asking her out for a movie, these are fully grown adults, with jobs, and they do things like this?


By. Serveradman

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  1. Man if someone spent 5 minutes on this sub they would think that POF is a minefield for men where women constantly block them for no reason. Seriously what are you guys doing? I’ve spent a lot of time on this site and I have never once been blocked by someone.

  2. I’m guessing you invested too much time messaging with them before asking them out? Is that why you are sorta annoyed? Learn from this lesson. Don’t spend too much time messaging before getting to the point. The less time you invest, the less frustrating it is when you get blocked, rejected, etc.

  3. Throwing a tantrum on here about it makes me think hmm must be more to this story that you are clearly leaving out. When a guy messages me and I am not interested I just don’t respond. I only block when a guy gets creepy or crazy or continues to send me messages even though I am not interested.

    You are making yourself look like an ass and a child by coming on here and calling someone out by their name all because they blocked you.

  4. Adults block someone because they don’t want to talk to them anymore all the time. She didn’t want to talk to you, so there was no reason not to. The fact that you took this so harshly instead of moving on indicates that she probably made the right call, as well.

    You need to learn to deal with rejection, or online dating won’t work for you.

  5. Keep at it u will eventually find your grove …however, drop this whole frustrated man child act u are doing, women appreciate confidence poise and an assured swagger a sense of humour anything other then iv been msging u for hours why wont u date me.
    getting clingy and sweaty because u have heard something u don’t like is a turnoff and women can smell that desperation through their computers .
    As frustrating as women can be they do not owe u anything they can choose who they interact with and most importantly u will eventually get it things will fall into place and u will be just fine however dropping this entitled attitude will help speed the process up a hundred fold.
    I know because I used to have the same problems when I was younger but I outgrew them.
    You can too.
    Good luck

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