POF : Age range broken in app

POF : Age range broken in app

I’m 36 and set my age range 18-45

Saw a cute girl 20 and her range was set 25-40 specifically saying she was looking for an older man

Tried to message her and POF gives me the « message one of your matches instead »

WTF? We both are a match you idiot

Also why is it I have to search my city and not use the age range search as it doesn’t let me look under age 22 or older than 40?

By. Lord_NeKr0

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  1. POF has been enforcing their view of morality on the app/site for a few years now. You cannot message anyone +/- 14 years of your age. They did it so « older men » can’t message younger girls because POF felt that was creepy. Their email and blog post about this rule says some yadda-yadda bullshit about « studies show most people don’t date more or less younger than 14 years of their own age… so we are forcing you to do the same thing. »

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