Dating : I Came Too Late to the Party

h2>Dating : I Came Too Late to the Party

I came too late to the party,
And, really, I wasn’t prepared;
For your invitation read, “Optional dress
So, I wasn’t quite sure what to wear.

I lingered so long at my toilette,
Still, your other guests giggled and stared;
Though I’d powdered and primped, rosy cheeks, scarlet lips,
And a jeweled feather, clipped in my hair.

My stockings were sheer, black and sexy;
My garters — red satin rosettes;
My four-inch stilettos were bright silver metal
And sequinned, to match my barrette;

My ostrich plume fan was a beauty;
Fully three feet from soft tip to strap;
It wafted and waved while I, peek-a-boo, played,
Though your friends seemed quite startled by that.

Dear, I wasn’t expecting your aunties,
Though Uncle seemed perfectly pleased;
I’m just not accustomed to family ructions;
Still, I did try to set them at ease…

I’d brought you a lovely fruit compote;
Iced berries in chocolate, hand-dipped;
I do like to savor, they’re always a favorite,
Though, melting, leave naughty, sweet drips.

But, I do wish you’d been more specific;
A nod is as good as a wink:
Had your card been less rushed, ‘twould have spared me my blushes,
Though I’ve always looked charming in pink.

Oh, I came too late to the party;
I just wished, my dear, I’d have known
You’d not planned a setting for nude tête-à-tête-ing;
So, I picked up my fan and went home.

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