POF : Anyone else felt the need to delete their POF account?

POF : Anyone else felt the need to delete their POF account?

I was on POF for 2 months and recieved quite a few correspondances but it got to a point where I gave my number out to one guy (on a horrible day where I was getting creepy and aggressive messages) who despite talking briefly for 1 day felt like he could demand me to call him every couple of hours and demanding me not to drink despite being at a friends 21st and it was the first time I wasn’t being the designated driver to a party and I felt like I was being suffocated on there. Has anyone else experienced that feeling?

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  1. Not really, everyone goes through the honeymoon phase, that’s the first few days.

    By the week, you’ll get more of an idea on what they like or dislike. This is when you should be making plans meeting face to face.

    If your being told what to do now, it’s only going to get worse. I think you’re seeing why this person is single. Go with your gut feeling.

  2. I deleted mine. I’m in SoCal and there are no quality men or men of my taste, my type, on POF in SoCal.
    I did make a fake account just to check out other areas of the US, and the SOUTH (georgia) has a bunch of fine men!! I’ve never seen so many cute, white, southern, country guys in one place. I so wish I lived in GA now lol.

    But honestly I’m feeling quite done with online dating in general. I tried POF, the foreveralone subreddit, and bumble. All dry, not attracting the guys I want, literally got a handicapped dude in my reddit DM’s begging me.

  3. I deleted mine, and I was considered having good luck with a few connections. I think half of my connections weren’t working, but I’m still actively keeping up with 3 of my connections. I’m just having way more luck on Coffee Meets Bagel than I did with POF, and I didn’t need to put in 100 times the effort.

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