Dating : A Love of All Ways

h2>Dating : A Love of All Ways

Richard Palmquist, DVM GDVCHM CCHVM

Born of the Love of All Ways:

Never fretting,

Never afraid,

Nothing but Grace’s Presence;

Residing in an endless Circle:

A Possibility lacking limits,

Resting as a Timeless place:

The Home sought by the Lost,

A place of rest for any Tossed;

Light bursting forth,

Empowering Choice,

A wordless praise:

Singing across a universe:

Tossed and turned —

Until it shines no more;

Falling and “failing:”

It returns to Lightlessness:

No longer dead,

No longer flesh,

No longer needing any flash;

A formless, spaceless healing,

Rising when Ready calls:

Off upon a Fresh new Journey:

An enlightened wave:

Fueling green from brown,

Giving Choice its Blessing:

A snack & Breath —

For the Nothing with a name.

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