POF : Anyone know what to do if you’ve been hacked?

POF : Anyone know what to do if you’ve been hacked?

My account was hacked. First thing I noticed was I was getting a fair number of messages (via my app).

Then I got a message saying my Highlight (or whatever it’s called) was about to expire (I never bought a highlight).

Then I got an email indicating I had attempted to change my email on the account (why is this even possible?…that’s just ASKING for accounts to be hacked. At least send the email on the account a verification code that has to be entered) which I ignored cause I hadn’t yet figured out what was happening.

Then I realized I had likely been hacked and tried to reset my password, but of course the password reset email didn’t get sent because my email was no longer attached to that account.

I’m currently just happy that I don’t see any charges on my card.

By. rslogic42

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  1. Same thing happened to me about a month ago. Phone was going nuts with notifications. Logged in and women from the other side of the country were filling my inbox. Went to my profile and my photos were deleted and replaced with fake photos, certain details under « About Me » were changed, including second language listed as « Russian », which clued me in that the hacker was Russian.


    I changed my password and everything stopped because once you change your password, POF logs you out and you have to log in with the new password.


    I blocked the women trying to contact me. Most of the ones who did respond to the hacker, looked lonely and desperate.


    In one email the hacker told the woman they were using his deceased friend’s account.

  2. sorry to interrupt on here.
    is it possible for someone to have their pof account hacked even though stay can access it. and to send messages and have conversations as if you. at the same time they have been able to use my jokes and terminology?

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