POF : Are there fake site-generated profiles on POF?

POF : Are there fake site-generated profiles on POF?

The reason I ask is, I was going through some search results on there and came across a main description statement that was verbatim exactly the same as another one I had just seen only a few profiles earlier.

So either there are fake profiles that are re-using blurbs, or women are being offered these canned descriptions to use (which sounds highly unlikely to me, but I don’t know).

Like anyone else, my biggest trepidation about this site—and any dating site—is the idea that instead of connecting with real people, the whole thing might be engineered to give people false hope and induce them to buy subscriptions (which I’m not doing so far; I’m using the free service to try to assess whether any of it is real—which looks pretty good so far as I’ve gotten a few geniune-looking replies).

Any insight? Thanks

By. HomicidalChimpanzee

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  1. There are a metric shitton of fake profiles, because the site is free and nothing stops the pajeets from making them… but POF themselves don’t seem to be generating fakes to lure people in. That’s a trick the porn-peddlers only use on sites that don’t let you do anything without paying.

  2. there are definitely fake accounts. is your concern specifically with site-generated? i wouldn’t be surprised after their acquisition by the match group.

  3. Yes, but real ones too. I went on about 5 dates when I first signed up and had lots of conversations with real people. I’m currently seeing a real guy I met on POF. It happens to be the most commonly used site in my area. All of the above could be done with the free site. I have a paid membership bc I personally find I like being able to see who viewed me and when someone was on last.

  4. POF wouldn’t need to create fake accounts to lure you in to buying a subscription – others already do a fine job of creating fake accounts already. POF does basically nothing while cam-site marketers create the fake accounts, people buy subscriptions hoping to meet user « Lonely18andDTF » (she’s real bro!) and POF maintains plausible deniability the whole time.

  5. Excuse me while I laugh my ass off for the next 5 minutes!

    (In Spongebob narrator’s voice), 5 minutes later.

    The answer to your questing is a resounding yes. 95% of profiles are bots. Either created by the site owners or are cat fishers looking to take advantage of desperate guys.

    If you see a really beautiful girl on pof, she is a bot. If you see a really beautiful girl irl she might be interested.

  6. Some scammers use fake profiles planning to lure you into interacting with them off-site from POF. I’ve noticed that those accounts on POF don’t tend to last too long, sometimes only for a few hours. I suspect that POF has some sort of filter designed to police for scammers and weed them out. I’ve also noticed that those profiles that get weeded out often reuse the same profile text. I suspect the scammers don’t take much time to generate new profiles, because it wastes time for them. They only change the profile parts necessary to create a new account. Then they have a limited amount of time to use their new scam profile to scam some user, before POF weeds out that profile too. Then, the scammer repeats the process again.

    You can avoid their scams by only sending messages to your POF contacts through POF. Don’t give new POF contacts your email address, text number, etc. Of course, eventually you will need to do some kind of real life interactions outside of POF. That’s why you use the site. Using the most extreme caution, you could wait until after you agree to meet in a safe public space, before you ever exchange real world information. You can also use common sense, in some cases, and cautiously agree to share your private data. Just watch out for scammers.

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