POF : Are these photos good? How can I improve?

POF : Are these photos good? How can I improve?

Are these photos good? How can I improve?

By. notagoodapple

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  1. Get someone else to take the photos. In places other than your house too. Show that you get out and have fun. Also it reads less lonely because you have friends that take photos of you.
    Edit: Also your smile photo is the best.

  2. Your glasses are crooked in every pic and that makes you look a bit… off. Also the 4 pics are taken in 2 places, the couch and some corridor, and both with bad artificial lighting.

    Try some outdoor pics and use some natural light and not just on the couch or in the house.

  3. Get a tripod, use a camera with a timer, and try to take the pics in a place with better lighting. Your face looks a little too shiny. If you have an iPhone use portrait mode. Also, one full body pic at least. Some outdoor pics would be good too.

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