POF : i dont understand what POF is meant to be lol

POF : i dont understand what POF is meant to be lol

ok so like i don’t get why there is a live stream thing on POF is this a dating website orrrr what lmao

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  1. OK, so I’m in Australia. POF has a « sister site » called « Meet Me ». Its trash. But it has a live streaming thing. That very live streaming thing was introduced to POF at the start of Covid. It was a way to « meet without meeting ». However, you could never live stream with your contacts. Anyone could join and watch you, although your contacts *could* join and you could chat.

    But ultimately, its just for trash losers that need to be validated. Narcissists that want « diamonds » and their « score ». Women on there demand you « entertain them », but fuck… they’re the ones streaming… YOU ENTERTAIN US.

    POF stands for « Plenty of Fucking druggos », because all those streamers are just on there smoking bongs, crack pipes, and drinking. Except for the ones that stream while they sleep, and simps STILL gift them.

  2. Yeah you and me both all it is is the live streaming only fans PG-13 app now. Anybody that your message on there if you’re a man or if you’re a woman they don’t reply they ignore you or they view your profile nothing nor you or they block you gone are the days of when I used to build go on there and get actual women they actually talk to men. Meet in the real world and actually carry a conversation and not have me do all the work I miss those days and you have to think that was only six and seven years ago that I actually was able to go on there and get women the strike a conversation now you got the only fans PG-13 live streaming video dating video relationship bunch of guys Chip and women in the stand around doing nothing and put a shoe on their head or shitOr sit in their car and talk about their life like we give a damn about your life but the soy boys and these symptoms that’s what they do

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