POF : BEWARE the woman with the colourful shoulder tattoos; fake accounts! MULTIPLE, same person

POF : BEWARE the woman with the colourful shoulder tattoos; fake accounts! MULTIPLE, same person



The first account she contacted me with is gone now, but it’s the same woman, just different photos, so whoever it is must have LOTS of them, because I have also seen a third account of the same woman with different photos, still.


The woman whose photos are being used has lots of colourful shoulder and chest tattoos, right arm is some kind of big star shaped tattoo, very bright colours. Also, mole on her left side of nose, and right side piercing, in case this profile goes away too.

She will make up something about wanting to hook up, even send some nude/semi-nude photos to entice you, and then ask to go to some site to verify your ID, claiming she wants to be safe before giving her address.

I didn’t even bother going to the site, but I can imagine it is sketchy.

They had a New Jersey area code phone number (legit, actually, held up) but claimed they were visiting a friend in London, Ontario. That was the account they deleted; said her name was Jessie, or Jessica, I think.

Seems like they just browse users online and try to find a hookup mark.

Edit, update:
This person has a new profile already, same girl used, new photos, but that nose mole and piercing are unmistakable.

Edit, update 2:

Same person in photos, again

Edit, update 3:
This person just made a new account with the same woman for the photos, new photos again, and even had the nerve to favourite me, which is how I found them.

By. SSj_Enforcer

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  1. I’m a new user (less than a week since posting my profile). Seems like a lot of scammers look for the newbies before they get the scamming figured out. One tool I use is to right click on the photos and use the search Google for this image. When you get a lot of hits, it’s obvious they just harvested pics from the internet.

    I’m older and seek women near my age. The scammers modify profiles to show an age in my range but don’t bother changing the photos. Pictures of 25 year olds in a profile claiming sixty. So lazy.

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