POF : Blocked because of political views

POF : Blocked because of political views

Had a date lined up with a guy. We had great conversation and so many things that I thought made us work. Right before the date he messages me and said he doesn’t agree with what appear to be my political views and blocks me. Really?

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  1. I would do the same, personally. Realistically I would have stopped talking to someone if our political views were too different before even making a date.

    It’s up to each person to judge how much political views factor in to choosing people to date. Since they matter to me, I’d pick their brain on the app (along with other dealbreaker verifications) before even considering moving offline. This guy messed up in that he didn’t check your profile more thoroughly, especially since they matter to him, before engaging further with you. Since they don’t matter as much to you, the impetus was on him to do so. In the long run he did you a favor in recognizing incompatibility early on.

    There will be other, more suitable, dudes.

  2. A girl blocked me because she didn’t like my cat’s name. Think about that. I am forbidden from ever speaking to her again, because she didn’t like what I named my cat. Try being an average looking guy on pof, see how that feels.

  3. Personally I could care less about political views. But if I encounter a page and they claim to be open minded and only date liberals or conservatives, I know they are just a circus clown and move on.

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