POF : Confused. Girl agreed to have drinks with me tomorrow and now

POF : Confused. Girl agreed to have drinks with me tomorrow and now

I check today and she’s deleted all her pics for one lingerie one. Not that I don’t like women in lingerie, but it seems really sketchy to me that that’s the only picture she has now? Wanted a second opinion.

She also got rid of all her profile text for a different, shorter one. This text is mildly more suggestive.

I mean if she wants sex that’s cool. I do too! It’s just kinda a red flag for me that her profile wasn’t nearly as sexy the other day when I checked. The thing is, it’s not a bot. At least I don’t think so. Her responses have been coherent and made sense and we even made plans to get drinks, like i said. Just really concerned/confused. Advice?

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  1. You are taking the right measures, get face to face time in a timely manner. Meeting face to face can be a game changer over any profile. Go with your gut feelings.

    With me they’ve got a week maybe two weeks max to start meeting face to face, I’ll drop them like an empty beer can if I start getting excuses why they can’t. Keep the first meet simple and cost low.

    If someone wants to know you they’ll take the time.

  2. I don’t understand the comments on this thread. Go out for a drink. If she’s not there, there’s your answer. If she is there, well, that’s an answer as well.

  3. Someone might have made a nasty comment about her profile to her, or she maybe removed detail that could identify where she works or lives, or she felt like it was too long to keep people’s attention so shortened it. I don’t understand why it would be a red flag to edit her profile. If you like her from her messages then go out with her. All this « bot trapping men » is bollocks. I am sure you are intelligent enough to realise if someone is playing you once you meet them.

  4. Have you talked to her over the phone? I mean, have you heard her voice? Until you hear that it’s really a woman (and not some dude with a fake profile messing with you), I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

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