POF : Conversation Disappeared..?

POF : Conversation Disappeared..?

I was talking to a gal and all of a sudden the conversation disappeared.


I am still able to look at her profile and even sent her a message but she hasn’t replied. IF I go to sent messaged I can see our entire conversation history. Did she block me or something?

By. ExNorth

What do you think?


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  1. It’s some bug. I had it happen to me when I was switching back-and-forth between the browser website and the app. It’s like they weren’t syncing up. I was able to continue the conversation by just sending a new message so that should work for you.

  2. If you get blocked, the conversation thread disappears. She just found someone else to chat with. Move on.

    [Edit] Oh wait.. i know what you mean. Yeah, thats happened to me. You get a notification if they message, and you can get to the chat via that, but Messages section doesn’t have the actual thread. I think its just a bug. It eventually comes back.

    Don’t continue to hound her, though.

    Just give it a day and then let her know POF as being buggy.

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