POF : Crazy how guys have to go through hell just to get a reply

POF : Crazy how guys have to go through hell just to get a reply

Guys have to go through hell just to get a reply, and then then go through hell just to get a date, and then good luck getting a second date!!

meanwhile girls can hop on whenever, and have a stream of guys to choose from. it’s depressing as hell, and it doesn’t even matter how good your conversation was or what clever things you said you can easily lose in the messages.

By. Soycling

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  1. i totally feel you. my inbox is empty, its been awhile since i had a match, and when i do match, its either a scammer/bot or some horny ass guy that thinks im only down to fuck regardless of whats on my profile. online dating sucks.

  2. See, I decided long ago that I would put it all out there. I’m short, chubby and a geek. The trifecta! I figure it will drive off everyone but the real women. The jury is still out, however. The bots are in full swing, lol!

  3. You just answered your own question… We get a ton of messages and likes daily. So yes you need to put effort into it to stand out. Just so you know it’s not always about looks. Rants like these are big turn offs. I check profiles when I see someone I like and when I do I see shit like … nothing in about me, interest, or the best one « just ask ». I’m not about to spend more than 10 minutes looking through all of that. Also how many stories do you hear of a guy being assaulted, raped, or worse murdered by a woman? So excuse us for being cautious and not wanting to end up dead. We are conceited bitches for not replying right away and sluts because we have a ton of guys messaging us. Seriously fuck off

  4. Writing more than one word (i.e. « Hey ») is « going through hell » for you? Oh no, poor baby. I can guarantee you this is 100% a problem with you and the types of messages you send, not the girls.

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