POF : So many fake Profiles

POF : So many fake Profiles

Has anyone else noticed that every profile with an_Underscore is a bot, fake person or outright facetious profile?
I hate being guarded, however there are a lot of unscrupulous women or portrayers of women.

By. SpartanLXV

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  1. Yes. There is a tooooooon of fake profiles. I find myself average/below average and anytime I get a message or any of my « matches » I just say « Hey » until they prove they’re actually human.


    I been using POF for less than a year have only had like 3-4 real matches. I’ve had hundreds of bots message me though. I bought POF premium. (a really bad idea) I wanted to see my matches and they’re all bots 🙁

  2. There was a while all the bots had a 5 digit number on the end. It would be like Sam_34791. I’m thinking, “Jeez guys, you’re not even trying now.”

  3. I come across tons of them in searches. they are pretty obvious and easy to spot after you’ve seen a handful of them. either with a really unusual username (most girls choose a not-gibberish username), or completely nonsensical gibberish in the « about me » bit, where it sounds like a computer on crack, or it’s very obvious whoever wrote it does not actually speak english at all.

    also – profile pictures which when you reverse image search them on google (a simple right-click context menu option in Chrome) they turn out to be a pornstar or professional model. yeah, just no.

    another indicator can be only talking about sex in the profile.

    I always report fake profiles and have reported more than I care to remember. my account must have a noted good record with staff for being honest with good reporting because 9 times out of 10, a fake profile I report will be gone within 30 minutes to an hour.
    just doing my part to get rid of scammers and fake bullshit, it only takes a minute to do.


    today I reported one that was using a screenshot picture of the youtuber PlunderBunny (a chick with huge tits), claiming to be in New York (she isn’t), and the about me was a wall of text about cuddles, affection and a whole ton of nonsense, and started with « mommy’s here ». just from the description box alone it was obviously fake, no actual woman on that site talks like it was. but the pic sealed it.

    also that PlunderBunny chick IRL is MARRIED.

    so, do your part and report all fake profiles as fake & « what action? > delete users account »

  4. it really spiked when craigslist got rid of the personals. its not even worth being on pof anymore.

    some of them actually talk to you, but they still spam you.

    only reason I’m even on pof anymore is to look at nudes and report spammers.

    I actually looked being a mod on the site to remove those profiles. but it’s an actual job with other duties that I dont want to do.

    hell removing spammers alone is a full time job.

    the worst part is that they will copy local girl pictures and use those for new accounts

  5. Fake people post fake profiles. Pof women like most other dating sites are a waste of time. They have the advantage over us men clawing at them and they can pick, choose and then kick us to the curb at the slightest infraction. Better searchin in real life.

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