POF : Dating Dilemma

POF : Dating Dilemma

I met this guy recently on Plenty of Fish. This is a different (and much kinder) guy than the one mentioned in former Reddit stories of mine so please don’t be nasty.

Anyway I knew this guy 10 years or more ago…he was my boss at this market research place we both worked at when we were younger. So when he messaged me I was over the moon. I always thought he was cute back then. He remembered me…I present planetarium shows and he even came to one of my shows recently with his daughter. Anyway he asked me out for coffee and I said yes.

We tried to nail down a day and it never happened because he was having a busy week with his daughter/camping plans/bowling league etc. He’s a busy guy and I am not lol….anyway we made plans for Monday (yesterday). Nothing was solid…I waited for him to text me and it never happened.

Neither of us got a hold of the other…no messages on POF…I am left wondering what happened. He seemed like he sincerely wanted to go out for coffee/lunch…should I text him with solid plans? Was he scared or was he waiting for me? I am so out of the dating loop that I really don’t know where to go from here.

I really want to see this guy but not sure how to proceed when the only text I want to send right now goes like… »So what happened with Monday? »

His last text to me verbatim was « Monday would be great. Any time is open for me. » Maybe he was waiting for me to get back to him with something solid?

What would you do? (I realize my best move here would be to do nothing and wait it out but we all know how excruciating that can be.)

By. HeyyyJ

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  1. Yes, the ball was in your court and you should have set a time. Apologise for not doing so, find another day, then set a time and place to meet.

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