POF : Looking for woman’s take on this…what should I change?

POF : Looking for woman’s take on this…what should I change?

I’m have a sarcastic smartass out look on life and always crack jokes but obviously I’m doing something wrong as all I attract are 20-40 year old children. And by children I mean the kind that say they want one thing and then ghost right after or block you..

What should I change to inspire any replies that aren’t condescending or just ignored…profile as it stands:

Wind and words. We are only human, and the gods have fashioned us for love. That is our greatest glory, and also our greatest tragedy.

Hello ladies! I’m learning about important dates in history. Wanna be one of them?

I’m a friendly kind of guy, who likes nothing more than watching movies or the occasional Video Games with the right woman.

The first thing people usually notice about me is my lack of a smile, closly followed by my funny smartass personality. Just because I dont smile doesnt mean anything. I’m the man for you, if you like humor and a trust worthy man.

I work as a OTR Truck Driver. This allows me to exercise my two greatest skills: leadership and patience. Although honestly my patience for bullsh*tis non-existent

My life goals include:
Fight a dragon (let me know if you see one)
Fall in love with you
Become the best Truck Driver I can be
If you’re the right woman for me, you’ll be friendly and very chatty, as I am. You won’t be afraid to be honest about yourself and will have a healthy respect for people’s honesty.

My ideal date would involve scenery we both are comfortable in with a quirky woman by my side and some wine. While we’re at it, I’d admire your smooth face and personality whilst feeling I’m the luckiest man on the planet.

When you play The Game Of Love, you win or you die.

So lets light it up

OTR Truck Driver

PS if I chat with you and you just sever all communication, do not bother contacting me again…ever. I’m tired of the games, tired of the bs, and I have zero patience for it anymore.

By. 1kiaenbas

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  1. I am not a woman, but the last line is one I’d remove. It points out that you’re one to be ghosted often, and now you’re bitter. You get annoyed by little things. I’d take that line out.

  2. Honestly, on the road trucker screams to me, not enough time to be at home and put in time for a relationship. They have a reputation for logging long hours, and being away from home a lot. There is a stereotype about truckers, that haven’t went away, even though now its quite a nice lucrative career. I’d leave the mention of job to when it comes naturally in the conversation.

  3. Simplify your about me and get ride of all the creepy stuff.

    Opener: I’m a trucker looking for a long haul relationship. (This is a great pun, you’re welcome).

    About me section: Your age, your profession, your hobbies. If you have a pet mention it. If you love monster truck rallies own it.

    What you’re looking for section: This is where you have to be specific and vague at the same time, also be funny. If you want someone who is tall or loves to travel mention that. Don’t make it sound like you want to make their skin into a lamp. If I recall I listed that I was looking for a long term relationship but also someone who likes to travel, hopefully likes science fiction movies, and can make an amazing Mac and Cheese.
    Describe the first date you want. I got dates because I said I need someone to eat tacos with.

    Don’t say things like « I want you to be safe on our first date, » or, « if you date me I’ll make you my priority. » It’s creepy. Very creepy.

    Don’t say things like, « Don’t bother messaging me if…. » It’s makes you sound like an asshole. Honestly anytime a girl wrote that in a profile I knew she wasn’t worth the time. I get it, there’s a lot of garbage people deal with online dating, but all that tells me is someone is thin-skinned.

    Last piece of advice. Just ask people out. Don’t worry about them being your type. Just go on the date. The practice of being on a date helps a lot.

  4. First of all, get your spelling and grammar right if you want to attract anyone worthwhile. Secondly, I would take the sarcastic smartass part off of your profile, it makes you sound like a jerk. Along with the lack of a smile. People aren’t attracted to people with no smile even if they are funny. Again, take out of the smartass personality comment, just makes you sound like an ass, nothing smart about it. Also: the line about when you play the game of love you win or die could be construed as creepy (even though I’m sure you didn’t mean it that way). Lastly, that PS part makes you sound bitter and arrogant. If someone ghosts you, shrug and move on, don’t let it become part of your baggage that people don’t want to deal with.


    Some better options to write your profile would be to describe fun things you do, a funny story or add a fun game like 3 truths, 1 lie.

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