POF : Dating should be fun, these websites are not fun, they are depressing.

POF : Dating should be fun, these websites are not fun, they are depressing.

Same faces over and over, very few new people per week, no ladies want to talk, this is dating now?


Its depressing as fuck.

By. Serveradman

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  1. It is if you rely on these sties and thats it. 10 years ago they were a pretty ligit alternative. However now they are all mostly owned by the same company and pull off as many scams as they can get away with to get you to subscribe to them. I’m 99.9% sure that Match has people like/email or reply to you when you are getting close to the end of your subscription so you will renew it. Once you do, that person is long gone and the emails and likes suddenly seem to die off.

  2. Dating is fun. On these sites you are not « dating » you are being presented potential prospects for dating. And yes, that part sucks and it is depressing.

  3. I agree. And honestly, real life dating (even though I don’t have much experience) isn’t much better. Women in general have changed in a way where dating is really not as fun as it may have used to be. It’s definitely less fun, we’ll put it that way. Online dating is also making us pickier and choosier. We bring these tendencies into the real world, making it less likely of people getting together. I feel like people used to give one another much more of a chance when it came to dating. Now I feel like there’s a lot of judgement when it comes to dating and mate-selection in society today. In a culture where everything and everyone is Instagramized, it’s not much of a surprise.


    POF is by far the most depressing of the sites, though. The userbase is dwarfed by Tinder’s. And I see the same faces over and over as well. My least-paintful experience online dating was with a month of Tinder plus. Yes, even to this day I can’t believe I paid 15 bucks to improve my chances, but I actually had a crap load of matches (I’d say nearly 50% of the girls I superliked, liked me back) and even managed to create a temporary fwb situation that kinda/sorta still going on right now. It’s very obvious that Tinder artificially starves out your matches if you’re a regular, non-paying user. The experience I have with Tinder plus reminds me of the experience I had on Tinder when they first started out before they got dollar signs in their eyes.


    Because of this, I plan on paying another 15 bucks next month too. It’s not something I ever saw myself doing – paying for online dating – but if I can replicate this experience again, It’ll be worth it, because my time is more valuable than my dollars, if that makes sense.



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