POF : Didn’t reply soon enough for him (was AT WORK)

POF : Didn’t reply soon enough for him (was AT WORK)

Didn’t reply soon enough for him (was AT WORK)

By. upsidedownpositive

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  1. I can’t stand when some people do this. I had this happen a few times with guys on POF. Not all of them are like that though.


    One guy we went on 5 dates and he gave me a ride home. I went into my house and set my bag and phone down, and went into the other room to do something. My phone was on silent so I did not know I had a message. I came back literally 5min later to about 5-7 texts messages ranging from are you ok you were quiet tonight, to I knew you weren’t interested in me. He went from 0-120 in a matter of seconds and that was a huge red flag to me. I responded saying I actually WAS interested in you, but after the slew of text messages in a matter of 2min going from calm to bat shit crazy now im not interested. You sir are psycho. I blocked him. I was also upset because during the date that night he spent the whole time criticizing me for what I had ordered to eat. Now I am all for trying new foods, but this place had wicked expensive food and I did not know what half of it was, so I played it safe and got something I knew and had had before. It was cheaper and he was paying for the meal and I would of felt so bad if I ordered something wicked expensive and did not like it. I was trying to be nice, but that really turned me off

  2. Wow that’s actually creepy

    You know, a guy that loses his cool is not someone you should be with. It should take a lot to make someone mad, like I got super mad at a girl for stringing me along for months

    I don’t talk with this girl anymore

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