POF : I am in trouble with my so and POF has caused it. Can someone help me understand what could have happened?

POF : I am in trouble with my so and POF has caused it. Can someone help me understand what could have happened?

I had a POF account almost 2 years ago and I just got a screenshot from my girlfriend that her friend sent her that shows I have been online for in the last month. When I called it quits on the site I deleted the app but didnt completely delete the account. And the screenshot she sent was the same exact bio I had two years ago. I haven’t signed in online and the app hasn’t been installed this entire time, so why would it show me being online. Any insight on this issue would be greatly appreciated because I am in the hot water and I know I haven’t used the service in years.

By. Apollyon777

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  1. Hmm it is weird that it shows that you’re online when you aren’t. I haven’t heard of that but I could tell you how to delete it. When you go to delete the account, that stupid app will trick you to just logging off so read the instructions carefully. You can also hide your profile, that way no one sees it.

  2. POF will use dormant accounts to keep members who aren’t getting « likes » and whatever from leaving. They are probably using your account and sending out « likes » or hugs or whatever POF does from your account. The problem is if anyone looked and it said you hadn’t been on for 2 years they would definitely see a problem so POF makes it look like you have been online even though you haven’t. Deleting your account completely is the only solution. It’s also a pain in the ass. Good luck and I hope your SO understands.

  3. Check the POF terms of service & privacy statement. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s language in there allowing them to pull shit like this.

  4. Same exact thing happened to me quite awhile back. Thing that saved me was the profile only had my old pics when I had long hair…but obviously they were ancient photos when my ex found it because I had been in the military for 5-6yrs at the time. I also just let her log in the account right away so she could see there was no messaging or anything weird going on.

  5. One of my ex girlfriends pulled some shit like this. Girlfriend’s bestie is on POF, finds my old POF account, sends it to my current girlfriend, rage ensues.

    Ladies, stop being so fucking insecure. We all download dating apps, try them for a while, get bored and delete the app. Y’all do it too.

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