POF : do women on PoF see/deal with bots? can you help me get the Developers of POF to end it?

POF : do women on PoF see/deal with bots? can you help me get the Developers of POF to end it?


Maybe if you list yourself as bisexual/gay? maybe even as a straight woman? I doubt we can get enough people to upvote this to make the front page / get enough people to maybe make a comment on the POF blogpost in maybe some kind of bot-net’ish fashion asking the devs to do something about the issue because this sub is pretty small. But any pushes would help


Below is a post I made on a recent blog post on POF’s blog site which is currently going through « This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. » to make sure my post isn’t made by a bot and or so the owner of the site can delete/censor the comment before it’s posted

[POF’s blog post about censorship](

Now I presume their main audience for the blog post is abrasive, forward men; however if a guy posts a dick pick and it gets removed I think the guy knows why it was removed / I’m surprised their account isn’t banned. All of their talking points are like. really obvious though. And they want to be totalitarian and control women who want to post topless pictures and want to remove photos from peoples accounts who want to be anonymous / « artsy », but they wont do anything about the bots which have been plaguing my experience for years any time I try going on here.


*note before I made this blog post comment, I made on their instagram calling out their bots. It was removed by the admin of the instagram

***The Blog Comment I made***

Does the POF team even use the site/app?

Spam bots have plagued POF for forever with no response about it from any of POF’s team. These bot profiles will know when you’ve opened the app will try to be a « mutual match » with you(they right swiped you/liked your profile) From there they’ll message you, prompting you to email them and (from there, if you email, it’ll either be some phising scheme to get your CC info or they’ll lead you on into paying for some version of naughty or lewd content. OR they’ll tell you to add them on snapchat. (often listed right in their profile) Adding the snapchat accounts results in seeing advertisements for dirty websites.


It’s all automated. I get notifications about bots wanting to meet me even when not browsing the app.

The bots are obvious as they usually carry a similar name tag such as NAME53643. There are also lots of seemingly randomly generated names such as

becaqueve_haiwoso or ponehadid_tavisewaque and sohoyagivob_jeyogiviwa

and there are thousands of them

simply opening the app and clicking ‘search’ will flood my search results with pages full of these bots.


If POF wants to be taken seriously, they really need to stop trolling their userbase by banning actual user’s pictures that are just « too artsy »and ban ones which blatantly show a woman with a mans genitals in her mouth and is actually a spam bot.

Catch up PoF. Maybe you are deleting profiles, but 10 more pop up every time you do, if you do. Prevent it from happening in the first place with captchas or phone verification for new accounts starting in 2019. Your app is intolerable right now though for me.

***End of Blog Comment***

I really like POF and prefer it to Tinder. *if it were fixed from the bot epidemic that is

By. GlitchPets

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  1. Yes when I was on POF as of about a month ago I got bots. I got one bot who insisted I download KIK and they kept calling me dear. Then the other 2 or 3 I got were guys who claimed they were in the military and asked if I had ever dated a military guy before. One guy actually gave me a legit number but he kept saying he was from Boston MA and his english no offense was really broken, so I knew he was a scammer.

  2. LOL.

    Match Group bought out POF over 3 years ago: [](

    Markus had pretty much everything already automated, since he had a very small staff working for him. So Match Group doesn’t actually need to do anything to address any of your issues. And indeed, they won’t. I doubt they even have someone at the correct level who will bother to read anything you post.

  3. The owners of the site, the match group, do not give a fuck about pof, it stays up for the trickle of premium subs and probably advert revenue.

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